Department of Textile Engineering

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The Department of Textile Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia provides engineering and technical knowledge in all fields of textile industry. It has highly qualified teaching staff, broad laboratory equipment and specialized software for design of textiles and clothing.

The training is cariied out within the specialty “Design and technologies for clothing and textiles” in the educational qualifications of Bachelor and Master degrees. The specialty, by its nature is a traditional and popular one, therefore it is always topical and perspective.

General characteristics of the training:
Basic and general engineering disciplines that form a stable foundation are studied during the first 4 semesters in the Bachelor degree. The specialized subjects cover all the areas of textile and clothing industry – material science, technology, machinery, design of products, design of companies. A particular characteristic of the education is the lack of a narrow specialization that meets the objectives of the Bachelor degree, and, on the other hand, allows the realization of young engineers in all areas of diverse textile segment. The curricula of the courses are consistent with current economic conditions and characterize the knowledge, necessary for the degree.

The common education of the Master students is based on two groups of subjects, studied within the first two semesters. The first group includes two optional units, which focus on the industrial relations, project financing of the companies, technical legislation, advertising strategies and EU. The second group of subjects are economically oriented: Marketing of clothing and textiles, Management of textile and sewing companies as well as Quality Management.

The studied specialized courses form two Master programs – “Design and Technologies for clothing” and “Design and technologies for Textiles”.

Educational goals:
The main objective of the specialty is the education of highly qualified graduates in the field of clothing and textiles. The emphasis is directed to:

  • Offering advanced knowledge and professional competence;
  • Expanding the opportunities for additional training during the studies, as well as continuing training in "doctor" educational and scientific degree;
  • Possibility for participation in scientific and applied research studies;
  • Further development of students and teachers exchange, through international programs.
  • Realization of the graduates:
    The graduated engineer is prepared to work in all areas that require higher education qualifications in the national and world economy, directly or indirectly relaed to the textile and clothing industry. He/She is competitive on the labor market not only as a specialist in the field of clothing and textiles, but also as a mechanical engineer, who has the necessary skills to use, operate and maintain machinery in various fields of application. The graduated engineer can hold various managerial and executive positions in manufacturing, as well as can prove to be successful in creative works related to design of textiles and clothing, educational work and research.